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The Categories

The UCHOF recognizes a range of contributions. Inductees can come from three disciplines, the Riders, the Organizers and the Makers. The category can include track, messenger, FGFS, commute, and more.


These are legends who have shown amazing skills and have been dedicated to the community since the early days – alley cats, goldSprints, sprints, skids/brake stands, FGFS, and more. The landscape is extremely vibrant with racers and riders from every discipline and diverse backgrounds. We all know who they are; they tend to be in a class of their own. Their reputation precedes them from a local to global level. These are the best of the best.


Without the organizer, we’d all be lost. Often an unsung hero, they spend countless hours planning, anticipating, and stressing about the details. It takes a special breed of people who are comfortable organizing chaos and making logistics feel seamless on the day of an event or race. These heroes always step up and play the pivotal role of race organizer so that the rest of us are able to participate and create amazing memories. If it were not for these heroes, many of these memories would never have been made.

There are also behind the scenes organizers who are highly active in cycling advocacy, fighting for cyclists’ rights and helping to bring bike lanes and infrastructure to our communities.


Talent drives design; the right design can shift a culture in many ways. Frame design, component creation and accessories that allow for individual expression have all helped shape the urban cycling movement. Without the creativity and thought put into quality product we wouldn’t ride what we do the way we do. Makers also include content creators who tell stories surrounding the industry, riders and events around the globe. The Maker category celebrates the true artisans of our time those who have proven their excellence and added value to the community we live and ride in.