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Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is responsible for evaluating nominees for their contributions and authenticity. The Selection Committee will make the final selection for inductees. The Selection Committee will ensure that the UCHOF inductees are not about the flavor of the year, but rather the riders have history within the urban cycling community. Each member of the Selection Committee has a single vote and final inductees need a unanimous vote to be selected. The Committee is also responsible for authenticating the artifacts and stories that will be part of the UCHOF COLLECTIONS. Each member of the Selection Committee has a one-year commitment and will then vote on their successor for the following year. Selection Committee members cannot be nominated during their term, however inducted members of the Urban Cycling Hall of Fame may sit on the Selection Committee.

The 2013 selection committee consists of Kevin “Squid” Bolger, John “Prolly” Watson, Christina Peck, Austin Horse, Nelson Vails, and Andy White. Each member has deep roots in the cycling culture and has contributed significantly to the urban cycling movement.