Mobile HOF

Chrome ONE, Chrome’s 1976 GMC motor home and collection mobile will tour the country in search of cycling artifacts and video stories. Amanda Sunvador will be at the wheel, determined to make her way to as many events as possible to collect artifacts and meet, listen, and ride with the community.

Chrome ONE has one objective: to collect artifacts and video stories for the UCHOF. Artifacts can come in many forms: jerseys, race numbers, frames, posters, race flyers, and everything in between. We are collecting artifacts throughout the year, and the final stop will be at Interbike, in Las Vegas, for the first exhibit of the Urban Cycling Hall Of Fame. In conjunction with Interbike, the First Annual Urban Cycling Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony will be held in Las Vegas at the Double Down to celebrate the inductees into the UCHOF’s first class.

The Chrome ONE’s wheels will always be moving, and there’s a good chance you’ll see it in your community. The Chrome ONE’s captain Amanda will be digging deep at each spot to uncover gems and turn up the volume. Chrome ONE tour dates and locations will be updated daily. If you want us to come to your city, town, or home, let us know.

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