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The Urban Cycling Hall Of Fame started with a simple idea – to capture the events, artifacts and stories that define the urban cycling movement. It was born from the desire to unite riders and collect objects that tell the story of where we came from and who helped us get here. We want to pay tribute to the heroes who have played a vital role, inspired others, and helped shape the urban cycling movement. We are driven to create the UCHOF to ensure these heroes have a voice and get the respect they deserve.

Founding Partners

Chrome Industries and ECHOS are the founding partners of the UCHOF. No one had stepped up to bring this idea to life, so we took it upon ourselves. What started as a “what if,” quickly became reality when the right people came together. At its core, the existence of the UCHOF is about the people.

Chrome Industries has been part of the urban cycling community for almost two decades. Chrome designs and makes some of the best professional messenger bags and backpacks in the world. From supporting Broken Bones Emergency Relief Fund with the Chrome Aces project to supporting street racing with the Coveted Jersey, Chrome has supported, participated and sponsored a long list of riders, events, and programs over the years.

ECHOS is deeply embedded in urban cycling. Rob Reedy, Billy “SoupHorse” Sinkford, Mike Pfaltzgraff and a cast of others have been on the front line, behind the scene and everywhere in between. ECHOS has a long history in the cycling world and strong relationships with riders from around the globe.